In response to COVID-19 the USC has changed the format of our programs, but we remain committed to providing high quality service to our “leaders” (students) and their families. We are excited to offer a blend of virtual, onsite/in-person, and delivery/drop-off programming for preK-12th grade students. As well as free food pantry and free mental health counseling geared toward adults in our community. Below is a list of our current programming options.

Cost: The cost for all of our prek-12th grade programs is $25 a semester
(if cost is a challenge, please contact us)

Elementary Life Enrichment (3rd grade – 5th grade)

VIRTUAL Daily Virtual Enrichment Program:
Students engage in Bible study, exercise class, book clubs, science experiments, cooking class, and more every week.
VIRTUAL Virtual Game Days/Get togethers:
Our students join other students their age to complete home scavenger hunts, trivia games, prize wheels and more.
VIRTUAL Supplemental Academic Grade Based Engagement:
Students are provided a paid license to award winning online academic programs like Lexia Core5, IXL, and EDU.com to help supplement their school learning.
VIRTUAL Virtual Tutoring:
Our tutors make themselves available two days a week to help students as they school at home.
ONSITE/IN-PERSON Online work Supervision Hours:
Every week the USC opens up for three days to supervise/assist students with completing their online school work. Sessions are four hours and social distancing, temperature checks, hand sanitation, and masks are provided and enforced.
DELIVERY/DROP-OFF Home Book Delivery (Socially distanced):
Three books a month delivered to your student for them to own.
DELIVERY/DROP-OFF Reading Challenge:
We deliver a special book to your student and reward them for completing the book and answering questions. Prizes range from hoverboards to video game systems.
DELIVERY/DROP-OFF Activity/Snack Pack:
Each month students will receive a home delivery pack that can include snacks, puzzles, dot to dot books, snacks, and more. As well as all the supplies necessary for participation in our virtual program classes (cooking supplies, exercise equipment, and more).