Literacy Program




Literacy Initiative

There are direct correlations between education and incarceration, and reading comprehension and high school dropouts. Minorities, in particular, African Americans and Hispanics, suffer the most in these areas. Here are some reasons why we are passionate about putting books into the hands and homes of kids in our community:


Individuals, businesses and churches
have partnered with USC to distribute
more than 120,000 books in urban
Wyandotte County!

Get Involved

  • Book Drive

    Lead the effort at your church, business or school to collect books for under-resourced kids.

  • Book Distribution

    Come to USC to prepare books for distribution.

  • Book Nook

    Provide a Book Nook for a student: Reading chair, lamp, bookcase, area rug and a dozen new books! Establishing a special reading area in the home puts an emphasis on reading.