Dr. Wes Parham

Dr. Wes Parham

Executive Director

Wes Parham MBA Ph.D. is first a devoted husband to his beautiful wife Aishah and a proud father to his three favorite little people; his son Weston Parham II, and two daughters Eden and Enes Parham. Along with his love for his family, Dr. Parham has a profound adoration and reverence for God and he strives daily to be lead by the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Parham is a higher education professional and Organizational Consultant. He is a national speaker in the areas of student development, organizational innovation, and organizational leadership.

With a Bachelor’s degree in communication and a MBA with an emphasis in Leadership and Organizational Change from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, it is safe to say that Dr. Parham loves learning, connecting with people, and cultivating organizations.

Due to his love for education and the legacy he desires his children to embrace, Dr. Parham pursued and earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach. His professional experiences include over 14 years promoting education, advising and advocating for youth and young adults.

Dr. Parham has a genuine passion for individual empowerment, personal growth, and creative leadership.