Yolonda Union

Yolonda Union

Pre-K Director

Hello USC Friends & Family,

My name is Yolonda Union and I serve as the Pre-K Program Director at the USC. With over 12 years of experience educating children from early childhood through 8th grade, it is my passion to make a positive impact in the lives of young people.

Previously, I served as an owner-operator and teacher of an Early Childhood Center for 10 years. It is truly my desire to help children build their confidence and to provide a nurturing, inspiring, and engaging learning environment.

Our dedicated and warm-hearted team allows us to fulfill God’s plans for our children and their families. It is rewarding and encouraging to witness my students embracing the knowledge that has been taught. After a season at the USC, my students share that they feel more comfortable, confident, and courageous with performing daily activities.

I hope that my students learn to never give up, to ask for help, and to be a leader by thinking for themselves and doing what is right. Being able to guide children through their most formative years is truly humbling and I am thankful that the USC allows me to fulfill my personal mission every day.